It’s Almost Nationals Time! Lifesaving SA Launches Champs Kit

It’s Feb 2018 and we can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since we last spoke about the Lifesaving SA Champs, but hey, here we are, and we are just as excited as before!  Last year Lifesaving SA partnered up with us (Aka Fanport) to see if we could offer both a supporters clothing range […]

NTK Throws Weight Behind CanSA Awareness

With NTK’s new drive to become more socially responsible and to the community, coach Wilbur Kraak with his current relationship with CANSA, started an initiative to create awareness and to raise funds for the inspiring work done by this foundation. Fanport is also donating 50% of all profits made on the sales of the purple […]

Goodwood Launches New Clothing Line

Goodwood Rugby Clothing

As one of the oldest rugby clubs in Western Province, Goodwood RFC, at 76 years old, has a long and proud history and subsequently an even prouder community membership base. As a result of their long standing tradition, approaching Goodwood to help them with fundraising and creating a new brand was a no-brainer for Fanport. […]

Lifesaving Champs Clothing Moves Online

Lifesaving SA Champs Clothing

Lifesaving South Africa (LSA), as part of its partnership with, has taken the bold step to offer official SA Champs clothing for pre-order on Fanport’s online store for the 2017 champs season. This move seamlessly improves the variety, quality and efficiency of event clothing for all of the major competitions including the Senior / […]

Ferreira Becomes Fanport’s First


In every new company’s existence hiring their first employee is not only an exciting time for the company it also represents a vital turning point for the founders. For the first time there is another person who comes in with different skills, views, experiences and abilities. This one person often assumes a vast array of […]

3 Ways Neglecting Branding is Hurting Your Club

Sports Branding

What does your club stand for? If you can’t answer that question without thinking about it then your club’s branding efforts are not what they should be. But why does it matter if your club’s message is not getting out there in one clear and distinctive voice? Well it matters more than many realise if […]

How Lifesaving SA Hopes To Save More Lives Through Apparel

Lifesaving SA Clothing

Lifesaving South Africa (LSA) does an excellent job each season on our beaches by looking after hundreds of thousands of bathers. Since its inception, the organisation has rescued over 100 000 people. All the LSA lifeguards are volunteers giving up their time for a notable cause, keeping you and I safe from unpredictable water, weather […]

10 ways FANPORT is the only new fundraising idea you need in 2017


Fundraising is always a difficult and time consuming effort for those who do offer to help, and often coming up with, and executing new fundraising ideas for your school, club or church is not something that is easily achievable especially for volunteers who have full time careers. Thus, many organisations generally rely on the tried […]