10 ways FANPORT is the only new fundraising idea you need in 2017

Fundraising is always a difficult and time consuming effort for those who do offer to help, and often coming up with, and executing new fundraising ideas for your school, club or church is not something that is easily achievable especially for volunteers who have full time careers. Thus, many organisations generally rely on the tried and tested fundraisers of old to ensure a somewhat consistent income source each year.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it happens all over the world. The tried and tested fundraisers have worked in the past because they offer a limited amount of risk and the cost is generally low enough to ensure a good return for the organisation. However, what if an organisation needed to branch out and look for alternative sources of income as the tried and tested fundraisers are just not enough to sustain the organisation any longer?

One possible suggestion that may have been touted, if the above has been the case at your organisation, would have been using branded clothing and merchandise to raise funds. However, anyone who has ever tried to do so would have quickly realised that dealing with the branding and printing companies can be a nightmare for organisations.

The issues are numerous:

  • Extreme time investment needed
  • Large catalogue, limit ability to select more than a few items
  • Poor quality, sizing and overall desirability of clothing
  • Lack of inspired design of items
  • Unreliability of the manufacturers
  • Upfront costs
  • Minimums
  • Risk of holding stock that may not sell
  • Money collection and delivery
  • High cost after mark-ups limiting profitability

If you’ve ever tried to use clothing and/or merchandising as a new fundraising initiative, you’ll know why it’s a nightmare and why so many try it once and never again. We know, because we were once those keen volunteers ourselves and were not able to pull our idea off as well as we hoped.

Therefore, after much investigation and planning we launched FANPORT Fundraising as a new way to raise funds for organisations without the pain and risk associated with traditional branded clothing and merchandise.

Here are the 10 ways FANPORT is the only new fundraising idea you need in 2017:


Seriously, we mean it, ZERO risk when using FANPORT. We take on all costs associated with running your branded apparel and merchandise campaign. We absorb the cost of everything from manufacture, design of the items, set up of your own branded e-commerce store, order management and communication, delivery (to your organisation) and bank fees. All you do is sign-up, sell and leave the rest to us.

2. No Upfront Costs

We absorb all associated costs when starting your own custom apparel and merchandising line. Your organisation pay for nothing. There are no hidden fees, the only thing your organisation does is sign-up, select your items and designs and get your community excited to purchase your goods. All that is left to do is deposit your earnings into your chosen bank account to do with what you want.

3. Minimal time investment

As with most things in life time is important to all of us. Therefore, we ensure your organisation have the absolute bare minimum time investment. We spend our time sourcing the best items to place on our specially designed catalogue so that all you need to do is choose the items that you want to sell and approve the designs on those items. That’s seriously all there is to it.

4. Desirable Quality

We ensure that all our items that we place on our product catalogue are only the best quality. We do not believe in creating sub-par items that your audience will not be happy paying for or wearing. Your organisations brand deserves better than poorly made products with even worse designs on. Therefore, we are so passionate about ensuring our items and designs are of a high quality.

5. Custom Designs

To ensure your organisation creates items that your audience desperately want to purchase, we ensure our designers are inspired enough by letting them outside for fresh air every hour and massages every day, to create designs that look amazing on your apparel and merchandise. We make sure your audience are excited to own your new merchandise, which is why we offer this service to you free of charge.

6. No Minimums

Yup, seriously. You want to start an apparel line to raise funds? No problem! If you sell 1 or 1000 your order will be processed. But seriously try sell more than 1, come on this is for your fundraising efforts! Get your community engaged!

7. Sell Online 

This is where it gets exciting! We not only take on all the risk, absorb all the costs BUT we also create your own branded and fully functioning E-Commerce store page on our website free of charge! We believe that E-Commerce is the best way to connect your members and community with your organisation. So long as they have internet access and a bank account they will be able to purchase your items.

If your organisation lacks data, internet or does not yet like ordering online yet that is no problem! We have an offline solution to ensure no-one is left out!

8. Marketing Expertise

We come from a marketing background so we know all about online advertising and getting people excited about purchasing products so we can help in several ways:

  • We help set up your Facebook Page to promote and sell your products
  • We supply you with social media images announcing your new product range
  • We optimize your products and store front for Google so your products are found easily when searching for them.

9. Free Delivery

As with any E-Commerce company we make sure that the members of your community who do purchase your products receive their products timeously. This ensures your organisation holds zero stock on site to streamline the entire process. When the orders are ready we send them to your organisation free of charge.

Should anyone want delivery to their place of work or residence we have a surcharge for this service when they checkout and pay on the website.

Any exchanges are also handled by us through the website, each exchange is judged on its individual merits. We strive to create a great experience for all your members.

10. Raise Funds

So, this is the part you were waiting for, right? We are first and foremost a fundraising company, which is why no matter how much you sell you will always receive a percentage of the total revenue. Our number crunchers have done the math and our model ensures that organisations will always receive a return on their campaign no matter the quantities they sell.

This is part of our commitment to help organisations run a new and exciting fundraising initiative that would not have been possible before FANPORT.

What are you waiting for?

FANPORT Fundraising was designed to make the decision to sign up a simple and easy one. So, if you are looking at new fundraising ideas then you should look no further than FANPORT Fundraising. You have nothing to lose, the risk is all on us and all you need to do is get your community excited about owning your branded apparel and merchandise. Easy, right?

What do you think of this fundraising idea? Would you run a campaign knowing that your organisation can raise funds with almost zero risk and time effort? Let us know in the comments below or if you’re ready register your organisation by clicking on the button below.

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