It’s Almost Nationals Time! Lifesaving SA Launches Champs Kit

It’s Feb 2018 and we can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since we last spoke about the Lifesaving SA Champs, but hey, here we are, and we are just as excited as before! 

Last year Lifesaving SA partnered up with us (Aka Fanport) to see if we could offer both a supporters clothing range as well as handle the SA Champs clothing range which of course we gladly accepted.

As part of our need to be different and because we saw a better way of doing things, we pioneered the online branded clothing model in South Africa by using Lifesaving as our guinea pig.

Our model was simple, by placing the clothing online and getting people to order and pay for their items on the website,we removed the high upfront costs, the risk of bulk producing clothing without any guarantee of selling the items and the hassle of running the store at the various Lifesaving events.

If you’ve ever handled clothing for your club or for your event, you’ll know how difficult and costly it is to get something made up and then trying desperately to get them sold!

So this is where we stepped in 🙂

We decided that event clothing is usually ugly, cheap and limited. So we gave Lifesaving a few options and they chose the designs they thought was fresh and exciting for their competitors & supporters.

Thus the SA Champs kit of 2017 was born offering a variety of items from traditional t-shirt to hoodies, caps and vests.

To say the response was positive is putting it mildly. We had difficulties in operations at times as the rush was bigger than anything we had ever handled before, however everyone got their items eventually!

A big sigh of relief for Lifesaving SA and ourselves. The concept worked. Now to take it a step further in 2018.

So what are we doing differently this year?

1. We are only selling the Champs clothing online.

In 2017 we experimented with selling the items at the beaches, however this is not what Fanport does. We offer an online platform for organisations to sell items beforehand without the need to hold stock so we need to hold true to our vision in 2018.

2. We have limited the choices

We get it. Too much choice equals indecision. So no caps and only one colour of clothing. You’ll all look fabulous in this years kit trust us!

3. We now have superior products

Last year we were just starting out so we only had a limited rage of products to offer and there were issues with sizing. Thankfully we have found our premium range, which we are excited to offer the competitors this year. Our items are combed cotton (fancy huh!) and come in standard sizes which we know you’ll love and cherish!

4. Our website is faster and we have more ways to pay

We have worked hard at making the site as fast as our trolls in the backroom can manage. At the same time we have added new ways to pay at checkout. These options include Instant EFT, Snapscan, Debit and Credit Card and Mobicred for those that wish to pay off monthly.

5. We now offer free pick up at Champs AND Door to Door shipping

Last time we had people checking out wanting shipping but we were unable to do so. This year we have cleared that up. If you order before March 7th you will receive your items at your doorstep. Should you prefer to fetch it at the event, no problem it will be waiting for you.

Okay enough talk, I bet you just care about the design and the options… Well here they are!