Goodwood Launches New Clothing Line

As one of the oldest rugby clubs in Western Province, Goodwood RFC, at 76 years old, has a long and proud history and subsequently an even prouder community membership base. As a result of their long standing tradition, approaching Goodwood to help them with fundraising and creating a new brand was a no-brainer for Fanport.

At Fanport we understand that the role sporting clubs play in our communities is an important one. These organisations are pivotal in creating disciplined, hard working and well adjusted young men and women. They offer more than just an outlet for their playing members, they offer a friendly venue for their immediate community to meet new friends and create memories; fuzzy ones no doubt that may come with a hangover, but memories nonetheless!

However an issue that plagues most volunteer based organisations is the need to create consistent revenue streams to ensure that the clubs function efficiently year after year. As a result, when Goodwood heard about the Fanport model of raising funds for them by selling custom designed apparel to their community in an entirely risk and cost free way, the committee quickly realised the potential of such a fundraising effort.

With confirmation from the committee, we went to work to create a new brand for the Goodwood club to start their brand building efforts. We took inspiration from their traditional logo and as a result we came up with a new brand logo that will be used for their branded clothing moving forward aside from the other more casual designs we have planned in the pipeline.

Goodwood RFC Clothing Logo

With the new design in hand and the clothing items confirmed, we can now proudly offer the Goodwood RFC Community a range of clothing for women and men to purchase over the next 2 weeks. Remember each item sold raises money for Goodwood RFC, so you can look good supporting your club and help them raise funds in the process!

For committee member Hester Hale the new apparel range is something that she is very excited about. “This is a new chapter for Goodwood and we encourage our members to support our new fundraising initiative as much as they can. We would love to have all our members wearing this new and exciting range at every game in 2017!”

Check our Goodwood RFC Range!

How Fanport and the ordering process works:

  1. Fanport runs on a pre-ordering campaign basis. This means we only manufacture after the campaign ends.
  2. We then submit the order for manufacture and print.
  3. The period between the campaign ending and the collection date is around 14 days.
  4. When ready, we deliver your orders direct to your club pre-packaged and ready to collect.
  5. Bring your email confirmation email and your club representative will happily hand your order over to you

How to Order:

  1. Visit and choose your product
  2. Choose your size and/or color if there is an option
  3. Choose your quantity – it is set to 1 as default. If you want more simply change the number
  4. Click add to cart
  5. When you’re ready to pay click on checkout on top right hand corner of your phone or computer
  6. Fill in all your personal details
  7. Choose your free pickup location – there are lots of other clubs so look for your club!
  8. Choose your payment method: Either credit card, EFT, Snapscan or Zapper.
  9. Click on the “I Agree to the terms and conditions” box
  10. When you’re ready click on the big pink button “Place Order”
  11. You will be notified if your transaction was successful.
  12. We’ll notify you via email that we have received your order
  13. You’ll receive an email when your order is ready for collection at Goodwood Rugby Club!

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